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The New Yankee LiveJournal

I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal...

Oliver Closeoff
9 March 1970
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My random ramblings, such as they are....

Stop on by and give me a look. I like to talk about almost anything and everything....

Testimonials from those near and dear to me:

"50% snuggles, 50% vodka. 100% a life long friend. :)"
"Debauchery's the name, no pants is the game, to be bad it's where I go..."
"Ward is a great guy to have around"
"Ward is the kind of person who has the near-miraculous power of making you glad you got the hell out of bed on a Monday."
"Wards is a jack of all trades. He is witty, smart, thoughtful... Yet, he is silly and fun at the same time. He is also a very good friend who lends his ear, or eye, in times of hardship."
"Thong Thursdays, No Pants Fridays, Debauchery on the weekends, Loves Boobs, Love his family, Livejournal addict, Hard workin' all around fun loving guy! :)"
"better than chocolate while you're pmsing. seriously"
"Someone whom I'm glad to call my friend; thank you for being here for me"
"Ward bribed me to show him my boobs and I complied. AND I LET HIM KEEP THE MONEY. IT'S TRUE. And by bribed I mean begged me not to and by boobs I mean Pokemons. And by money I mean money shot! OHHH"
80's music, alan shore, alcohol, all the president's men, alton brown, andy kaufman, annika sorenstam, aria giovanni, bart simpson, batman, beer, being pantsless, blazing saddles, boston legal, bud light, buffalo wings, bugs bunny, cali lewis, charles nelson reilly, cheap trick, chelsea handler, chrishaas, christina kim, christopher walken, christy canyon, computers, couch pants, dale earnhardt jr, danica patrick, david duval, denny crane, diet codered mountain dew, diet mountain dew, drinking, drinking beer, drunken ramblings, dukes of hazzard, enterprise, erica campbell, family guy, fantasy football, flirting, football, free beer, gardengnomes, george brett, get fuzzy, golf, harrison ford, hawkeye pierce, hockey, homer simpson, ice hockey, intoxication, isabella soprano, jack burton, jeff dunham, jello shots, jenn sterger, jennifer garner, journals, kansas city, kansas city chiefs, kansas city royals, kissing, kocsis orsi, lance armstrong, las vegas, lionel hutz, livejournal, ljmaps, lucy pinder, m*a*s*h, manon rheaume, marvin the martian, mash, mike myers, missouri, more beer, more cowbell, morgan pressel, movies, mp3s, my family, naked women, night ranger, northeast missouri state university, office space, olivia munn, pantslessness, paul lynde, peter gibbons, phil hartman, pizza, playing cards, playstation 2, poker, politics, real genius, red bull and vodka, retro music, ron burgandy, ron white, rush, san jose sharks, sarcasm, sci-fi, seafood, sex, shower sex, shrimp, sideshow bob, spades, star trek, star wars, steve carell, stock market, sydney moon, that's what she said, the 80's, the bush twins, the caine mutiny, the office, the simpsons, tiger woods, tna, trapper john mcintyre, troy mcclure, truman state university, tv, twitter, u2, val kilmer, vodka, wall street, wayne gretzky, wayne newton, webcams, wii, will ferrell, william shatner, wkrp in cincinnati, women, worrying squirrels, wrestling, wwe